August 16, 2010

Welcome To Bohol Beauty Blog

Hi and welcome to Bohol Beauty blog. This is a new blog for the province of Bohol which is a beautiful island in the Philippines located in the Visayas region. If you never heard of Bohol before, you probably heard of the world famous Chocolate Hills? Chocolate Hills is can be found in Bohol. To learn more about the island of Bohol, please checkout our main site


Bohol Real Estate - Bohol Sale said...

Finally, a blog dedicated to Bohol. Thank you for creating this nice looking site. Looking forward to reading your posts. :) said...

@Bohol Real Estate: thanks for stopping by :-)

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Bohol Beauty is a travel blog about Bohol. Bohol is located in the central visayas region of the Philippines. Bohol is famous for its unique Chocolate Hills in Carmen Bohol, its fine white sand beaches in Panglao Island, and amazing diving sites.